Glass Dropper Bottles in Mauritius


Are you just getting started with your very first skincare business? VWM is your one-stop solution for all your cosmetic needs before you go live! VWM Cosmetics has a stock of various glass dropper bottles in Mauritius that are curated with the best and most durable materials to make your products stand out.

Glass Dropper Bottles in Mauritius

Types Of Glass Bottles Available At VWM Cosmetics

Every business has its own needs, and that’s why VWM Cosmetics offers glass dropper bottles in multiple sizes and 2 colors– Amber and Clear Transparent with Gold and White Rim!

Let’s have a look at each of them in a bit of detail;

Glass Dropper Bottles in Mauritius -Amber color

The largest-sized glass dropper bottle at VWM Cosmetics is this gigantic 100 ml Amber shaded dropper bottle and the smallest version of this bottle is available in a 10 ml size, that you can use for many purposes.

This bottle is not only made up of premium glass that doesn’t break so easily, but also has a very diverse use, and that’s what makes it stand out! Amber color glass will also protect your essential oil from sunlight.

30 ml Clear Transparent Glass Dropper Bottle With Gold & White Rubber

The other style available in glass dropper bottles at VWM Cosmetics is the classic clear and transparent one. The gold and white rubber rim around it adds a little razzle-dazzle to the bottle, giving it a royal and luxurious look.

This bottle is available in only one size– 30 ml, but it is the perfect size for

Glass Dropper Bottles in Mauritius many products as customers usually buy a 30 ml sampler before ordering more.

Where You Can Use These Glass Dropper Bottles

There are plenty of uses for these glass dropper bottles in a skincare/cosmetics business or if you are someone who likes experimenting on different concoctions then these bottles are great to store DIY elixirs too!


Face & Hair Serums

Face and hair serums have gotten super popular lately, and these glass dropper bottles are perfect for storing them. Whether you’re storing a niacinamide or a hyaluronic acid, these glass dropper bottles win!


Depending on the product, you can choose the right size of the bottle– for example, for Vitamin C serum, the 30 ml Amber bottle is perfect, but for something that is concentrated and is not to be used in large quantities, a small 10 ml bottle is good.

Health Supplements

These dropper bottles are not necessarily just reserved for cosmetic products, but for health products too.


Supplements for back pain, joint pain, hair growth, beard growth, and whatnot have been very hyped lately and these glass dropper bottles are perfect to package them beautifully.

Essential Oils

Aromatherapy gives you a spa experience at home, and apart from that, there are many uses for essential oils.


Tea Tree oil is great for acne, and lavender oil can be used to relieve stress and anxiety. That’s why people have been trying to get their hands on them lately. But do you know what makes them sell even faster?

Beautiful packaging! You can use VWM Cosmetics’ glass dropper bottles with cute labels of your brand to packaging these oils to appeal to a larger audience and voila. You’ve got a booming business.

Glass Dropper Bottles in Mauritius -Wrapping It Up!

VWM Cosmetics manufactures the most reliable and durable glass dropper bottles in Mauritius and that’s why you should get your hands on them before they sell out!


Get ready to give your little cosmetics startup a classy look with these amazing, high-quality cosmetics bottles with high-quality droppers!

With VWM Cosmetics, you can offer a diverse range to your customers in terms of sizes, and it will make your business flourish in no time!


The best way is to use Amber bottles for clear products and clear bottles for colored products to give them a better appearance!