Candle Wicks In Mauritius


Are you also thinking of having candle making as a new hobby for your free time? Candle making is so in trend these days and to make your candles stand out, you will have to get your hands on the best, long lasting candle wicks in Mauritius.

And who knows, maybe you’ll start your own business with this little hobby. Then you will definitely need VWM candle wicks to make that business go boom!

How To Find The Perfect one Your Candle

Before you go on a search to find the best candle wicks in Mauritius, let’s have a quick look at how you can narrow down your search and select the best candle wick for your little candle adventure.

Candle wicks in Mauritius – Know Your Candle Type

There are all kinds of different candles– beeswax, soy, paraffin, and whatnot, and each requires a different kind of wick.

Lucky for you, VWM Cosmetics’ candle wicks are made for all! Whichever candle you are making, these candle wicks will work flawlessly and will give you and your customers a longer burning time.

Size of Your Candle

Ask yourself, how big do I want that candle to be? Is it in a wide but small jar or is it a long one?

The size of the candle matters because you want the wick to go all the way till the bottom to give you a complete burn time.

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VWM Cosmetics offers candle wicks in three lengths so that you can choose whichever suits the sizes of your candles or make custom sized candles for your customers by getting the longest one and cutting it down to the desired length.

Let your creativity run wild!

Is It Single Wick or Multi Wick?

Whether you are making a single wick candle or a multi wick, you can order high quality candle wicks in higher quantities from VWM Cosmetics and give your candles that special touch.

Material of The Wick

Candle wicks come in a plethora of various materials, but VWM only chooses the best materials to create the best, high-quality candle wicks for you!

Cotton wicks will give you the cleanest burn, the hemp ones will burn slow and won’t give you much smoke, and if you’re craving for a little wintry, holiday vibe, then wood wicks would be perfect for you, with their cozy crackling sounds.

VWM Cosmetics provide candle wicks with a blend of all these materials to give you the best quality of candle wicks. Their braided, not twisted, will give you a longer burn time as they are more tightly wound together.

Candle Wicks At VWM Cosmetics

VWM Cosmetics is one of the best cosmetics base supplier and if you are looking for reliably sourced candle wicks in Mauritius made with utmost love, then you are at the right place.

candle wicks in Mauritius

You can find 3 sizes of candle wicks at VWM Cosmetics to give you autonomy over your candle making and make the process easier for you.

How? You can get the smaller 6 cm candle wick, which will save you the hassle of getting a longer wick and then measuring and cutting it into smaller pieces for smaller candles.

There is also a medium-sized, 13.5 cm long candle wick that is perfect for medium-sized candles, and you can also alter them to your desired length if needed.

Lastly, you will find a long 20 cm candle wick. This is the safest option to get if you are making bigger candles. Remember, you can always cut down the length to your liking and requirements but you cannot grow a wick longer to fit your candle.

Candle wicks in Mauritius –Wrapping It Up

Wrapping it up, you will not regret putting your trust in VWM Cosmetics when it comes to candle wicks in Mauritius or any other cosmetic base requirements.


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